The Nutritionist Reviews: New Twitter Account

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Twitter Account

Good morning everyone! I hope that you're having a great day : )

So I finally got a Twitter. It's @MInutritionist. Please follow me! I'm not really familiar with how to use Twitter so please give me some time to learn. Thanks!


  1. Definitely heading over now to become a new follower!

    Don't worry, you'll pick everything up in no time :)

  2. OK, I will get you on my list!
    Welcome aboard the world of crazy !

  3. Hi there, Debs Dealz stopping in to follow you via GFC. Love your site! Found you on the Girls Weekend Social Hop. Please visit back and like me on FB if you will!

    You are invited to link up to my TGIF Blog Hop for tomorrow. Check my site to link up!

    If you are interested in button exchanging, please let me know!!! :-)



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