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Monday, December 21, 2020

5 Tips for First-Time Dog Owners

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First of all, welcome to puppy parenthood! It’s incredibly exciting to bring home your first pup, and you’re going to love the experience of dog ownership. However, you probably have a few first-time parent jitters (who doesn’t?), and we’re here to tell you it’s totally normal. We’re also here to help ease your mind and get you ready to be the ultimate dog mom or dad. Read on for five tips for first-time dog owners.

#1 Safety First

If you take a look around your house, you’re going to find a lot of potential hazards for your new pup. This isn’t said to scare you, but it’s important to make sure the new addition to your family stays safe and healthy. Before you bring your new dog home, do a safety check that includes:

       Locking cabinets that contain household cleaners

       Removing toxic plants like:

        Aloe (sorry, succulent-lovers)


        Peace lilies

        Rubber trees


       Installing baby (well, puppy) gates as needed


#2 Good Habits Start from Day One

Sure, a tiny puppy nipping at your fingers can be cute, but you won’t feel that way once they’ve grown into a full-sized dog (with full-sized teeth—ouch!). It’s tempting to go easy on the puppy punishments at first but instilling good habits from the get-go will pay off ten-fold later on.


It’s much easier to create good habits than it is to break bad ones. This doesn’t mean you have to be overly strict with your pup or prevent them from having any fun. In fact, most dogs love training sessions—especially when the reward is a tasty treat. Socializing your pup is also an essential part of being a good dog owner. You want your pooch to be the most popular pup in the dog park, after all.

#3 Keep Them Calm, Cool, and Collected

Remember those pre-puppy jitters we talked about? Well, your dog is probably experiencing a few nerves of their own. No matter how loving and welcoming your home is, being adopted is still a huge transition that often causes anxiety. Don’t take it personally! This is totally normal and doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong.


Be prepared to comfort your new family member with things like:

       Soft, cozy bedding

       Plenty of chew toys

       CBD oil for dogs

       A quiet place for them to relax (this is especially important if you have young children)

       All the tummy rubs


Becoming a dog owner means you might have a few sleepless nights, and you’re going to have to clean up an accident or two. As your dog settles in, this phase will pass. It’s all a part of pet parenthood, so don’t forget to cherish every single moment!


#4 They Grow Up So Fast

Our last tip might be the most important: don’t let your busy schedule get in the way of savoring every moment with your new dog. You’ll only be a first-time dog owner once, so be sure to soak in every memory.

As you adjust to pet parenthood, keep your schedule as clear as possible to allow for maximum bonding (they’re so adorable you’ll hardly want to leave the house, anyway). And don’t forget to take plenty of pictures. You’ll thank yourself when they’re all grown up and you have the luxury of looking back on your first chapter together.

#5 You’re Ready to Start a Wonderful New Journey

It’s hard to describe the incredible bond between a dog and their owner, but one thing’s for sure—you’re about to experience one of life’s greatest gifts. Laugh all you want, but before you know it, you’re going to be that person who’s 1000% obsessed with their pooch (with their very own Instagram account to prove it).

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