August 13, 2010

Diet Tip Friday!

So as a nutritionist, I decided that it might be nice to give you some of my knowledge about healthy living and weight loss.  These are just some tips off the top of my head and I will post more when I think of them.

1. Do not drink your calories.  Your body does not get full on liquids even though it may seem like it does.  I went to McDonalds last Friday with a free coupon for their Frappe.  A small one was 450 calories...yikes! If you stick to eating food for your calories, that will actually fill you up so overall, you will eat less. I would recommend sticking to drinking less than 300 calories/day of calories in liquids.

Some no calorie or low calorie drinks:
-water- drink tons of this.  This is my go to beverage!
-coffee with skim milk
-Diet pop (limit this to 1-2/day)
-Diet grapefruit juice, diet cranberry juice, etc

2. Diet foods are not always the best. This one took me a long time to realize. I mean a long time.  I used to think that eating low calorie foods like rice cakes and low cal waffles were good for you.  Foods like that are not filling and often have added preservatives that actually make you eat more in the long run.

Also, lets say you really enjoy chips.  Chips are the one junk food that you just cannot live without.  Do not buy fat free chips if you are not going to be satisfied with them.  Eat your favorite chips but just limit the portion.  If you do not let yourself enjoy your favorite foods, you will end up eating a bunch of other junk that is not even satisfying.

3. Watch what you eat at a restaurant. Just because you are out to eat with friends, family, or a significant other does not mean that you need to completely blow your diet.  I recommend getting what you really want for your entree and skimping on other items.  For example, get a diet pop or water for your beverage.  Skip dessert or eat a healthy one at home.  If there is a indulgent entree that you really want such as lasagna, get it and eat healthy before you go to the restaurant and the following day. 

Also, if you are actually watching what you are eating, look online at the restaurant's menu before you leave home.  I love to do this especially if I am going to a restaurant that I have never been to before. Sometimes, the numbers are shocking! For example, you may think that a salad sounds healthy and then find out that it really has 1200 calories.  Looking online at nutritional stats will help a lot with this.  You can find a healthy meal that will not kill your healthy eating.

Let me know if you like posts like this and I will do more! What are some of your diet/healthy living tips?

Disclaimer: I am a nutritionist with my bachelors degree in dietetics. I know a lot about nutrition but do not know everything.  These claims that I am making work for me, but may not be right for you.  Also, do not think that I am judging you if you do not follow my way of eating.  I just try what is best for me and that's it!

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  1. thank you!!! i love only water...but coffee is where it gets me :( ! lol! and okay dinning out ...thats why only once in a while : ) I love your tips thanks!

  2. I love reading stuff like this. Although, I do things a little differently, it's nice to get tips and see what works for other people!

  3. Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I don't usually "follow" since it gets to be a mess, so I just added you to my RSS reader! Love the site!

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    Thanks for the tips!

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  5. I am now following you. I am 2 behind you on the this for that link up. Glad to have found you blog!

  6. Fantastic tips! Stopping in from Simply CVS!

  7. Thanks for the tips! I love the one about the chips. So true!

  8. Loved reading these tips! I am going to LOVE your blog! =)
    I am your newest follower from the Friday Blog Hop's.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Very nice post - more like this would be fun!

  10. New follower from This for That. I am bad about drinking my calories. I must try to be better.
    Julie from Bunches of Bargains
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  11. Thanks for visiting Family Fountain (did you follow? Didn't show up if you did) and the invite to visit your blog. Do you remember how you found it?

    I really liked this post. I am interested in reading about the health value of foods, such as those I try to grow (not always successfully :) in my garden - beans, tomatoes, watermelon, etc. How docertain foods affect the body and make it healthier, etc. I find articles like this, that are short and to the point, very helpful. Thanks.

  12. Hi Amanda,I'm your newest follower from A Helicopter Mom's Monday Blog Hop. Love your diet tips. Will be visiting often.


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