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I'm Amanda Hernandez, a registered dietitian that is an experienced brand partner and recipe developer. I enjoy creating tasty recipes, sharing nutrition information, health, parenting and reviewing products that align with The Nutritionist Reviews established in 2010.  If you would like to work with me, please send me an email

I specialize in recipe development, blog posts, social media posts (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter), Instagram REELS, Pinterest Idea Pins and TikTok videos! I have a blast getting creative and making videos and posts that help showcase your brand in a fun, natural and unique way.

The perfect weekend breakfast has never been easier with these Pumpkin Spice Pancakes that are  made healthy with real pumpkin, Greek yogurt and pumpkin spice peanut butter!
Check out my cookbook 30-Minute Family Cookbook. Along with my website and social media channels, my work has been featured on, Women’s World Magazine, Activewear USA, Balance Bar, MARS healthy living, SFGate, The Nest Woman Nutrition and more.

Recipe development is my passion- specifically slightly healthier recipes. I look forward to creating a delicious recipe using your product! 

Contact me for specific pricing which depends on what you are looking for.

Greek Appetizer Platter is super easy to make with homemade Lemon, Feta and Dill Dip, Greek olives, tomatoes, grape leaves, hummus, pickles, peppers, gyro sandwiches and more. All ready in 10 minutes!
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