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Products I'm Loving in 2016 Part 26 + Giveaway

Teasia Teas

1. Teasia Teas

I love trying different kinds of teas, especially as the weather cools down. I usually just brew tea with a teabag but have been enjoying these teas from Teasia. They sent me a variety of their k-cups and I have especially been enjoying the jasmine green tea which is always one of my favorites. If I want a cup of decaf tea, I like the rooibos lemongrass tea. These teas brew strongly which is nice if you like a stronger cup of tea. If not, you can always add more water. The roasted oolong is also great. Use code FSNUTRITIONIST for free shipping.

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OSO Mattress: Getting the Best Night's Sleep Possible

It has been years since I have purchased a mattress. The first mattress that I ever bought was right after Troy and I got married. We still have this mattress. At the time, I was looking to save money since we barely had an income or savings at this point.

Through the years, I have realized that I am not a very good sleeper. It takes me a long time to fall asleep. If I wake up in the night and get up to go the bathroom, it can take up to an hour to fall back asleep, etc. Therefore, I take my sleep very seriously and am often found going to bed early, no matter how lame it may be. When I am not well-rested, I do not feel my best.

How We're Getting Ready for Baby #2

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How We're Getting Ready for Baby #2
With Baby #2 on the way, on my mind is everything that I have to get ready. It will be a lot easier getting ready for this baby because we have most of the things that we need. We have the crib, the rocking chair, the bouncer, the rock and play, etc. When I was pregnant with Adalyn, I was overwhelmed because we were starting from scratch and I felt like we had so much to buy/ask for on our registry.

This time, there is less that we need but still, there are some things that I have bought/plan on buying to get ready for baby #2 in the beginning of April. If you know me, than you know that I like to get a good deal. I never want to overpay for anything and love couponing, shopping clearances, etc.