Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!!

Easter Fruit Salad
I'm busy celebrating my favorite day of the year today with my family!!!! I love Easter so much. I hope you enjoy the day and eat some delicious foods.

fruit salad
P.S. Here is my fruit salad "recipe" which is a tradition for me to make.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ethel's Edibles Review + Email Subscribers News

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Ethel's Edibles
Ethel's Edibles is a local Michigan company that makes gluten-free baked goods. In fact, they are located only 15 minutes away from me. Until now, I had never tried their products and am so glad that I got to. Every single item that I tried is delicious.

Ethel's EdiblesMy favorite by far is the pecan dandy bar. It is so rich and has a nice mix of buttery, sweet, salty and crunchy. My husband and I love this bar. Our other favorite is the hot blondies which have a layer of caramel topped with a brown sugar brownie with chocolate chips. These desserts are super rich and satisfying.

Ethel's Edibles
We both agreed that you could not tell that any of these were gluten-free for those on a gluten-free diet.  The fudge brownies were also delicious as is the new "samoa" like bar which is being named at this time. My mom and I split the "samoa" bar after going out for Thai food and really liked it.

Although these treats are not healthy, I love to indulge at times and would definitely stop by Ethel's Edibles for a treat in the future.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Coffee Beanery Review and Giveaway

Coffee Beanery
I have written about the Coffee Beanery a couple of times here on the blog before. They are honestly my favorite coffees and I get so sad when I run out of them. While the regular coffee flavors are good, I prefer the flavored varieties. They have so many different unique varieties and I have never had one that I didn't like.

I recently had the opportunity to try some of their decaf varieties. I had not tried a completely decaf one before. I have had the half-caf though which is really good and what I am currently drinking while at work. Since I have been pregnant, I am very cautious of my caffeine intake. I allow myself the equivalent to one cup of coffee per day. Sometimes, I want more coffee than that though. These decaf options are so perfect for me. I have been enjoying trying the different ones each morning when I wake up (I normally don't have any caffeine till about 11 AM).
Coffee Beanery
I was sent some awesome flavors including blueberry cobbler, sinful sundae, Hawaiian coconut and frosted carrot cake. When I saw that they have frosted carrot cake flavor, I was so excited and knew that I had to try it. It is delicious and does taste quite a bit like carrot cake. The sinful sundae really does smell like an ice cream shop too.

The company has a new flavor which is blueberry cobbler. I am normally not a fan of fruit coffee flavors but this one is very good. It does taste like blueberry but with the cobbler flavor added, it is not too strong. I am obsessed with all of these Coffee Beanery decaf coffee varieties. 

To decaffeinate their tea, they use the Swiss Water Process which does not contain any chemicals at all to remove caffeine from the coffee. This is different than many companies that do use chemicals. These beans are 99.9% caffeine free compared to other brands that may only be 93% caffeine free. I love that there are so many decaf flavors available which is very rare. 

The giveaway will be for 1 lb of the Frosted Carrot Cake Coffee Beanery Coffee and a lb of the Blueberry Cobbler coffee.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mini Me Maternity Review and Giveaway

Mini Me Maternity Tank
I mentioned in my first trimester recap post that I exercised daily during my first trimester. It made me feel so much better. I am now a few weeks into my second trimester and continue to do the same. With each week passing, my belly is growing bigger (as well as other things) and some of my workout clothes are getting too small. I recently found Mini Me Maternity which is a company that sells maternity workout tops.

For my review, I was sent a couple of workout tops to try. The first top is the zobha classic racerback maternity tank. It comes in many colors and I was sent it in black. It features a racerback and offers support. It has a shelf bra and I think it will fit a growing belly well.

Mini Me Maternity Tank
I was also sent the zobha katherine maternity tank in blue ice to review. As you can see in the picture, the top is longer in the front which will fit my belly really well. I think that this top is flattering and it could even be worn out for other uses.

Both of the tops from Mini Me Maternity seem to be good quality. I look forward to keeping up my fitness during my pregnancy and wearing these tops.

The giveaway will be for your choice of racerback tank in black or Katherine tank in ice blue.
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