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Friday, October 31, 2014

Tina Steinberg Review and Giveaway

Since becoming a mom, I find myself more and more sentimental about different things. Every little thing of Adalyn's is special to me. I want to take tons of pictures so I don't miss everything, etc. I recently discovered Tina Steinburg which is a company that makes unordinary personalized jewelry. They have different necklaces that can include baby's fingerprint, personalized names on jewelry, etc.

For my review, I was kindly send this necklace which says "Adalyn" on one charm and "Mom" on the other. On the other side, there is a heart and "9.20.14" which is her birthdate. I have barely taken off this necklace since I received it. I love it so much! It means so much to me now that I am a mom.

The items are not too expensive and would make awesome gifts for the holidays. When my mom saw my necklace, she loved it and asked where she could get one herself. It looks really nice and makes an awesome keepsake. This particular design would also be awesome for Mother's day.

I am very,very happy with my necklace from Tina Steinberg and would recommend this company to anyone.

The giveaway will be for a $75 gift certificate to Tina Steinberg to one lucky winner.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dreft Review and Giveaway

This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Dreft. I received product free of charge, but all opinions are 100% mine.

With a new baby, I am doing laundry all the time. I had heard good things about Dreft products but had not tried them until now. When I received this package, I literally squealed because I was so excited to try these products made specially for baby. I was sent Dreft detergent, wipes, laundry stain remover, to-go stain remover and odor eliminator and fabric refresher. Prices range from $4-19 each depending on the product.

The day after I received these products, I did a load of laundry with the Dreft detergent. I was happy with the results. It got the stains out that I needed it to and left the clothing smelling fresh. Adalyn's clothes and other items came out clean. It comes in a normal sized bottle but is quite concentrated. One bottle contains enough detergent for 64 loads of laundry! This is great because each bottle will last awhile.

The other product that I was most excited about is the stain remover. I never knew how many stains could get on an infant's clothes. This is so great for pre-treating the stain before getting to do laundry. I will keep the to-go container in the diaper bag to treat stains early.

Little Me Pajamas
I was also sent a couple of Little Me footie pajamas. These pajamas are soft and adorable. They are 6 month size so Adalyn will be able to wear them in about 5 months or so.

Daylight savings time is right around the corn and so is the very cold winter weather. I know that here in Michigan, we have already had some days in the low 40s. I still love to go out on walks with Adalyn so I am learning about how to bundle her properly so she does not get too cold. When bundling up baby this winter, Dreft reminds us to use hypoallergenic products since infants have such sensitive skin.

Dreft is hypoallergenic and recommended by pediatricians. It has been around for over 80 years and has a babyhood scent. It is formulated to be tough on stains such gentle on baby's skin.
Dreft Laundry Detergent

Dreft is having a Twitter party on November 6th from 9-10 PM to discuss how to keep a baby comfortable and safe from the cold this winter with Dr. Dyan Hes. Follow #DreftHypo to follow along and RSVP here. There are going to be some awesome prizes including Dreft detergent, wipes, stain remover, Little Me pajamas and gift card, etc.

Click here to print out a $2 off Dreft coupon. Also, visit Dreft on Twitter and Facebook.

The giveaway will be for the same awesome Dreft prize pack that I received including Dreft detergent, stain removers, wipes, Little Me pajamas and gift card! 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Munchkin LATCH Bottle

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored. All opinions are my own.

I am exclusively breastfeeding Adalyn but one time per day, she receives a bottle of pumped milk. My husband feeds her this bottle anywhere from 10:30 PM-midnight depending on when she wakes up. This is a nice bonding time for them and also lets me get some rest and take a little break. 

We have not tried out different bottles yet besides the ones that came with my pump but I was recently sent one that we tried out called the Munchkin LATCH bottle. 

The Munchkin LATCH bottle was designed to help breastfeeding moms. A proper latch is when the nipple reaches all the way back to the baby's soft palate. This bottle has a special nipple that moves, stretches and functions like the breast having baby latch on correctly. It helps baby transition from breast to bottle and back. This is awesome since a big concern with bottle feeding is "nipple confusion".

The bottle was developed by lactation consultants to match mother's flow. When baby presses up against the nipple base, more breast milk is released. There are three different flow nipples including stage 1, 2 and 3. Adalyn would be on stage 1 right now and as she grows, we may move up sizes. The bottle is BPA free.
The LATCH bottle can help to reduce colic because when the baby moves their head, they can maintain the latch without taking in air. There is also an anti-colic valve at the bottom when does not let air travel through which can help to reduce gas and fussiness.

Adalyn likes taking a bottle so far and does not seem to have a problem switching back and forth from breast to bottle. The only thing is that the milk must be warmed up. Troy says she will not take it if it is not warm. We enjoyed trying this bottle and liked that it was similar to breastfeeding and helped with a good latch.

Also, by using the code LOVELATCH, you can receive free shipping at (expires 12/31/14, one per customer, US only). The LATCH bottle is available at Target.

Munchkin is having a Twitter party on November 12th from 8-9 AM PST/11-noon EST. Follow along with the hashtag #LoveLatch. They will be sharing information on how the LATCH bottle makes the nursing/feeding transition easy.

This Express Yourself post is brought to you by Munchkin LATCH as part of the #LoveLatch campaign.

Magic Sleepsuit Review and Giveaway

Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit
I have heard amazing things on many different blogs about Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit. Prior to finding this website on another blog, I had never heard of this product. What it is is an outfit for babies to wear once they transition out of the swaddle and want freedom of movement. Right now, at one month old, Adalyn loves to be swaddled but can bust out of it pretty quick (depending on the brand). I know that she will not like it forever and we will be using the Magic Sleepsuit soon.

It is supposed to give babies a cozy and secure feeling which muffling their startle reflexes to help with sleep. Adalyn is always getting startled and her hands always go up which often wakes her up. This would help a lot. We joke that she is rapping or saying hello when she gets startled.

Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit
I was sent the 3-6 month size which I think will be great. This is for 12-18 lbs and she will be 3 month old at the end of December so this will be nice and warm for a few months during the cold winter (plus we keep our house pretty chilly). They are also sold in size 6-9 months.

I was sent the pink sleepsuit but it is also available in baby blue, cream, and a gender neutral light yellow. The Magic Sleepsuit is available for purchase on the website for $39.95. Once Adalyn is a little bigger, I look forward to using this sleepsuit for her to help her sleep. We all know how important sleep is and when you are not getting much of it (right now!), you will do anything to help.

The giveaway will be for a Magic Sleepsuit in your choice of color and size to one winner.
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