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Products I've Been Loving in 2016 Part 29

Belabumbum Maternity Activewear

1. Belabumbum Maternity Activewear

I have heard about Belabumbum for awhile for their nightgowns and maternity sleepwear and recently learned about their maternity activewear. I was sent the yoga jogger pant in grey heather seen above and I pretty much haven't taken them off since I took this photo. They are so comfortable and feel really good on my growing bump. I have worn them for walks but mainly love them for lounging around. With the weather getting colder, these are perfect!

7 Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

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7 Foods to Eat During Pregnancy including why each food is packed full of pregnancy friendly nutrients!
I am now in the second trimester of pregnancy and feeling a lot better. My energy is mostly back, food aversions are gone and for the moment, pregnancy hormones are under control. The main two things that I want to note about food are that I am eating so, so much right now- I am constantly hungry and that I have the biggest food cravings.

With Adalyn, I didn't have any specific cravings- I just enjoyed pizza and lemonade quite a bit but nothing like now. I have to have Sour Skittles, Rueben sandwiches, beef barley soup, etc. It is so crazy and like nothing I have experienced. When I get a craving, I cannot get that food out of my head until I have it. It's kind of fun!

How Supplemental Insurance Can Help with Health Care Costs

How Supplemental Insurance Can Help with Health Care Costs
On this blog, I talk about all aspects of health. I focus on nutrition the most but also talk about eye health, dental health, mental health, regular doctors visits, etc. My grandma says it best, "when you have your health, you have everything"!