January 20, 2011

Mexican Avocado Soup

Fajita Soup
This recipe is extremely easy and delicious. My husband and I both loved it.  One really neat thing is that the refried beans mix into the broth and thickens it but you cannot even tell that it is mostly beans.
1 package freeze dried veggies
1 can fat-free refried beans
1 32 ounce box reduced sodium chicken broth
1 cooked turkey breast shredded
1 cup salsa
1/2 avacado cut into chunks
1 handful tortilla crushed chips
Light sour cream and hot sauce to taste

1. Add the first five ingredients in a pot and boil until vegetables are soft and mixture is hot. 
2. Top with chopped avacado, chips, sour cream, and hot sauce.

Yum! This quick soup was a winner in my book!

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  1. That looks and sounds awesome! Avocados are my favorite thing on the planet :) I am bookmarking this to make it! Thanks :)

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  3. Looks delicious!!Thanks for stopping by I'm your newest GFC & email follower~Shari

  4. omg this truely looks fabulous!!! I can not wait to make this soup!!! Thank u! brooke
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  5. Thanks for stopping by my site praisesofawifeandmommy.blogspot.com

    Your soup looks amazing... much more healthier then the Papa burger! :)

  6. Delicious!!! Thanks for stopping by Well to Do today :)

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  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog via the Thursday hop. This soup looks amazing. Anything with avocado in it is a winner in my book!

  8. Thanks for following! Following back!! Looking forward to reading your blog this soup looks yummy will definitely have to try it

  9. I am going to bookmark this recipe. It looks yummy!

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  10. This looks really gross, but it SOUNDS delicious!
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  11. Mmmmmmmm! All the colors look beautiful, I can practically taste this soup just from the picture!

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