April 07, 2015

Adalyn's First Easter Part 1

As I wrote about a few days ago, Easter is my favorite holiday. It is filled with so many traditions for my family and I and bringing Adalyn into these traditions is so special. The Easter weekend went great (aside from a couple of super rough nights of sleep).

 I carried on the tradition of fruit salad which was wonderful as always.

 Miss Adalyn stole some watermelon. Later, she stole some berries and rubbed them all over her tights in about .2 seconds!

 In my Easter bonnet...

 My parent's farm makes for a beautiful background!

 Not a tradition but mom made a new recipe for California breakfast casserole with avocado, hashbrowns, eggs, tomatoes and turkey sausage. With sides of fruit salad, cinnamon rolls and coffee.

 Coloring Easter eggs- we use crayons and make an egg for each person. My dad is an optometrist and always makes an eye egg pictured above.

 Troy spent forever making this awesome egg for me with fruit salad, a computer for blogging, flowers, both of our dachshunds and the other side shows me being a mom- so sweet!

 Tons of playtime of course! This girl is at such a fun age where she is constantly learning. This weekend, she learned to bounce up and down and we noticed a tooth poking through on the bottom!!! She also rolled over for the first time from back to stomach (she has been going the other way since 2 1/2 weeks).

Our little family before the blessing of the food. More pictures tomorrow.

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