June 18, 2010

Jolly Llama Sorbets

Jolly Llama Sorbet sent me two flavors of their sorbets to try.  I got the mango and the acai berry.  I tried the mango one before I even put the boxes in the freezer upon receiving them.  It was so smooth! It was honestly smoother than ice cream and tasted just as creamy even though there is not cream in it.  The flavor tasted just like a fresh mango.  Also, these are fat free which is awesome and has 80 calories for the mango and 70 for the acai berry. 

Also, I LOVE the name of the brand.  My husband and I have a few inside jokes about llamas from when he met me.  One of the first times he met my mom he did a funny accent and said "I will give you 40 llamas for your daughters hand in marriage" and llamas have been a favorite of ours since!

Anyways,  I really liked this sorbet and would def. recommend it!

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