June 02, 2010

Power of Fruit Bars (YUM YUM YUM!!!)

One of the best new foods that I have tried in awhile are these Power of Fruit bars.  They are one of the best foods I have ever tried in my life...no joke! They are made purely with fruit and have fruit chunks in them.  Kids would love these because they are like a regular popsicle and parents would love these because they are actually healthy.  I need to find out if they sell these in a grocery store near me because I NEED (repeat NEED) to buy these.  All of the flavors are good and they all have less than 30 calories. Out any new food product, you need to try this one.  I would rate these an A+.  Thank you Power of Fruit for your fabulous morning, noon, and night snack!

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  1. Thanks Amanda! You can find a retailer near you on our website - www.poweroffruit.com. Please also note that we recently became available at both Publix and Fresh Market in case one of those is nearby.


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