June 05, 2010

Sinless Margarita Night

So last night, the husband and I were very excited to try our new all natural margarita mix.  The only ingredients in it pretty much were lemon juice, lime juice, and stevia.  We made a batch of two margaritas for the two of us.  At first, it had a bit of a funny taste to it.  Something just seemed off.  Then, I got the idea to add a tiny pinch of salt to it and stir.  Then, it was perfect! I really like this mix a lot and will probably use it in place of our normal margarita mix! I think it would also be great made into a lemonade by adding some water and ice.  Just an idea : ) Thanks Sinless Margarita for making my husband and my Friday night fun!

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  1. wow, you should not have to add any salt. stevia has potential side effects too.


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