June 18, 2010

Wasa Crackers

Wasa sent me 10 (yes 10!!) packages of their different crackers to try.  I have had Wasa crackers once before in the past but it has been years.  Before dinner one night, I broke out some of the hearty crackers to try.  I really like them! I think it would be a good snack to put dip on or make a wonderful appetizer out of.  The only thing is that they are pretty dry to eat and are difficult to eat plain.  They are very low in calories (35-60 calories per cracker sheet and eat sheet is BIG).  Also, many of them are made with whole grains and high in fiber!

Here is a line from the company "Wasa is made using only natural ingredients, such as rye grain and whole meal flours, giving it high fiber, balance and making it a tasty alternative to low-fat bread. It is delicious, nutritious and perfect for an active and healthy lifestyle."

With 10 packages to try, I will definitely be sharing some of these with my family!

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