June 26, 2010

Depth Products and Mineral Fusion Cosmetics

Depth and Mineral Fusion cosmetics sent me a whole bunch of their cosmetics and body products.  I LOVE THEM! The Depth products were great. The shave creme is coconut scented and smells AMAZING!  The shampoo and conditioner was wonderful and left my hair smelling good and soft. 

I have never tried mineral makeup before so when I got to try this makeup from Mineral Fusion, I was quite excited.  I gave the lipgloss to my mom because the color looked more her shade than mine.  She loved it! She said it stayed on for a long time which is unusual for a lipgloss.  The color was great on her.  The eyeshadow was amazing too.  It goes on easy and stays on for a long time.  I love the colors I was sent also.  The blush was great too.  These products are not drugstore prices but not completely unaffordable either.  It seems like each container of makeup would last awhile also. 

Thank you SO much Depth and Mineral Fusion for the amazing makeup/body products! I will definitely be trying more mineral makeup products in the future now!

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