July 21, 2010

CalorieSmart CS80S Review

As a nutritionist, I have always wanted a personal calorie counter. I was so excited when Coheso agreed to send one for review. This little machine is great to help you count calories and record exercise.  My favorite feature about it is that you can look up the number of calories in tons of different restaurant's food.  How perfect! You could take it along with you and while looking at the menu, find out the nutritional stats! I love this little tool and will be using it often. It is very similar to a calorie counter online but is portable.  It helps you to track your diet and fitness progress as you lose weight or get fit.  They sell different types of the calorie counter but I tried the CS80S model which retails for $59.99.

What this is used for:
Look Up:
√ Calorie and other nutrition information for over 50,000 foods
√ Includes information from over 250 restaurants and 500 food brands
√ Calories burnt by type of exercise (walking, running, etc)
√ Lookup nutrition information for the exact serving size of foods (6 oz milk, 1/2 banana, etc)
Track and Review :
√ Food and meal information
√ Exercise calories and time spent
√ Set and track weight goals
√ Store up to 12 months of information.
√ Add up to 1,000 new food items and meals
√ Add personal exercise information
√ Create a list of your favorite foods with customized serving sizes
Also, Calculates nutrition content for recipes.

Thanks Coheso for the awesome tool! I may even be able to use this at work to help patients! YES!

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