July 15, 2010

Eat Whatever Mints Review

Eat Whatever sent me some samples of their mints to try.  I decided to really put these mints to the test by eating sweet onion chips.  Each little sample pack comes with two mints that you swallow and one that you suck on.  The gel cap that you swallow has organic peppermint and parsley oils that work from the inside of your body to make your breath better and to make your tummy calm.  The mint that you suck on gives you instantly better breath right in your mouth. 

The verdict: these little mints worked great! I could not brush my teeth because I was at work and did not use my toothbrush but the mints did the job.  It even covered up my onion breath! What a neat concept too! I have never heard of mints that you swallow. 

Thanks Eat Whatever for the samples for review!

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