July 17, 2010

Shunga Tenderness and Passion Massage Kit Review

My husband and I both work very hard and often come home sore.  We have both been working over 40 hour weeks the last month or so.  Lately, on top of work, I have been getting back into working out which I have not done in forever and my shoulders have been very sore.  Perfect time to try out the Shunga Tenderness and Passion Massage kit that I got to try from Eden Fantasys.

This kit comes with massage oil, aphrodisiac oil, Sweet snow edible powder, and a feather tickler.  These products all smell great! They are easy to use and boy did my shoulders feel much better after using this kit! My husband liked it too! This company also sells many more massage kits that can work wonders.   This kit also made me much more relaxed after use.  Another great thing about it was that it was easy to clean up! It is not sticky or super greasy and any excess oil can wipe off easily.  I love the way that the kit looks too! It is very fancy looking and I liked the asian theme it had.   The bottles are quite small and could be great for travel if anyone wanted to take them on vacation or something.  They would especially be fun on a honeymoon! All in all, I love this kit and would be very willing to try out other products from the company.  Thanks for helping my sore back and shoulders Eden Fantasys!  This kit retails for just under $50.  The site also features many sales on their products so you should check it out to see if you can get any great deals!

Also, the company sells many other products that are great for couples.  Since this is more of a PG site, I will let you check those out for yourself! Have fun!

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