July 31, 2010

Theo Chocolate Review

When I found out that Theo chocolate sold spicy chile chocolate, I knew that I wanted to ask them if I could review their chocolate.  They agreed and sent me three bars.  I got a milk chocolate bar, spicy chile, and cherry and almond. Like I said, I was very excited to try the spicy chile so I dug into that one first.  It was very good.  Not odd at all.  It tasted like regular dark chocolate with a little spice.  I think my dad will like it a lot because he is a chocolate lover. 

Also, the cherry and almond is good too.  My only complaint is that the pieces of cherry and almond are very small in the bar. These bars are high quality chocolate and would make a good present for a chocolate lover.  Thanks Theo chocolate!

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  1. Ooh, I am going to have to try the spicy chile one. That sounds amazing!

  2. these sound divine!

    i'm following you from the saturday stalk for savings hop


  3. I love Theo chocolates - we live right near their factory and they give a great tour - with samples :)


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