August 05, 2010

Cafe Press Review (AWESOME brand)

Ahhh I was super excited when this shirt came in the mail! As many of you know, I am a nutritionist (soon to be dietitian).  I do not have any clothes saying that and when I found this company Cafe Press, I knew I had to get a nutritionist shirt! Let me tell you, I was so impressed with the variety that this company sells.  They had around 100 dietitian/nutritionist t-shirts (and of course many many other ones).  It took me HOURS to decide which shirt that I wanted.

Anyways, this shirt seems to be great quality and is American Apparel brand.  It is very fitted which is exactly what I like in a shirt.  This company is by far the best/my favorite t-shirt company that I have found so far. 

Also, the company sells personalized gifts such as shirts, hoodies, underwear, hats, bags, etc.  This company has it all! Everything is very affordable and looks great! Thanks Cafe Press for the awesome shirt that I will probably wear way too often : )

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