August 01, 2010

DietMinder Review

DietMinder sent me one of their awesome food and exercise journals.  It is a nice mid-sized journal that can fit in your purse or be taken anywhere to record your intake.  There is a spot to put your total calories, fat, protein, etc. for the entire day.  As a nutritionist, I think that this journal is amazing for anyone who wants to lose weight.  I do not count my calories because I am not currently trying to lose weight.

My friend Kelli's Mom came over yesterday and was talking about how she is trying to lose weight.  Kelli is teaching her a bunch about nutrition and I got the idea to give the journal to her to help record calories and exercise.  She was happy to have the journal and is going to let me know about her progress!

The journal is extremely affordable at only $10.17 on Amazon! Thanks DietMinder for the awesome journal that I could share with a friend!

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  1. This is awesome. I think I need one!
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  2. When I used to track my food and workouts I used one of these brand of journals and LOVED it! It was the best one out there by far.

  3. Ok, this looks like THE tool for me! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am looking forward to looking around here more and checkin' out those give aways!!

  4. i have been using this for 4 days so far. I really like it. Every day there is colums to fill in, very easy. Just read your lables and there is a section in the back with some foods listed. In the beginning there is a place for a before picture and to place your mesurements. Also a place every day to mark your weight if you choose and to put in your activity for the day. Thank you Amanda, for letting me review this. Really like it, finding i really easy to use and fun to.

  5. Still using it, really like it. Find it is really interesting to see what you eat once is down in front of you. Definately a great tool for me


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