August 12, 2010

Frontier Soups Review

I have heard great things about these Frontier Soups so I knew that I would love to review them! They are soup mixed that are dry and you just need to add a few ingredients to them to make a fresh tasty soup.

I got to try the tortilla soup which was very good! Here is what you have to add to this mix:

6 cups chicken broth
1 cup water
2 whole, boneless, fresh chicken breasts, cut up into small pieces or shredded leftover cooked chicken
8 ounces salsa
4 ounces tortilla chips, crumbled (a thicker chip works best) or 4 to 6 fresh tortillas, cut into strips and fried quickly

Each pack makes 8 servings and this particular soup is only 160 calories.  My absolute favorite part of this company is that there is not any salt added to the soup.  This one only has 10 mg of sodium per serving which is nothing.  How rare to find a soup with no added sodium! This soup is a winner in my book.
Also, I am a huge oatmeal lover and got to try the Colorado Morning oatmeal!
This is what it is: Oatmeal Breakfast Ingredients-

Oatmeal, brown sugar and walnut streusel mixture and dried cranberries. No added salt, preservatives or MSG.

Recipe Additions:
4 cups water
plain or strawberry yogurt
sliced bananas

I am a new, huge fan of this brand! Thanks a bunch Frontier Soups!

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  1. Hi Amanda! My name is Alex and I am the tweeter for Frontier Soups (though we are taking a 1-month summer hiatus from it). I came across this review in my RSS Feed and we are SO glad that you like the soups so much! The tortilla is definitely my fave too- especially with extra spicy salsa. The oatmeal is one the few items of ours that I have yet to try, but after reading your post I just may have to make it a priority :)


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