August 09, 2010

Tasty Bite Review

From what Indian food that I have tried, I have really liked it.  When Tasty Bite agreed to send me some samples of their food for review, I was excited to try more Indian dishes.  Last night for dinner, I decided to try the Channa Masala.  I made a baked potato and put the mixture over it.  It has 180 calories/serving which is not bad at all.

The product was very tasty and seemed fresh considering that it is a pre-made product.  The only complaint that I had was that the sodium levels were very high but that is normal for packaged foods.  I am very excited to try the other products and make a little Indian feast for my husband and I.  The company sells both Indian and Thai food and can be heated and ready in 90 seconds.  Dinner in a flash! Thanks Tasty Bite for letting me sample some of your awesome products!

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  1. I like their spinach & potato thing (aloo something or other) & the malaysian lodeh.


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