August 03, 2010

Waterpik Water Flosser Review

I was very excited to try out this Waterpik Water Flosser for review! It retails around $50 give or take depending on the store.  How it works, fill up the reservoir with water and the water shoots through to floss your teeth.  There are a bunch of different heads to go on the flosser for different needs.  For example, if you have braces, there is a special one for that.

Easy to use
Quick set-up
Different heads of the flosser for different needs
Fairly small to fit on your counter

Messy to use- water can shoot everywhere if you are not careful
Did not give as good of a clean feeling as normal floss.

Overall, I do like the water flosser a lot but would not rule out regular flossing.  I would use the water flosser as a backup.  Thanks Waterpik for the new flosser!

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