September 03, 2010

Ask the Nutritionist: Healthy Foods to Eat this Fall

So as Fall is very quickly approaching, of course the available foods are changing also. 

Here are some of the foods that are healthy and awesome to eat in the fall:

1. Concord grapes- they are full of antioxidants and have a much fuller flavor than regular store bought grapes.

2. Pears- these beautiful fruits are full of fiber and can be cooked with and eaten like apples.

3. Butternut Squash- this squash is low in calories, chocked full of nutrients, and is very versatile in different recipes.

4. Apples- apples are like pears: full of fiber and vitamins.  And plus, an apple a day keeps the doctor away (hmm wonder what it does then when I eat 8 apples a day..)

5. Pumpkin- pumpkin is high in Vitamin A and only has 49 calories per cup.  This year, I would love to incorporate some pumpkin into my oatmeal!  I have heard of it done before and it sounds awesome!

6. Sweet potatoes: these are high in iron and Vitamin A.  These are great in place of regular potatoes and taste AMAZING baked into fries.

7. Root Vegetables: some examples are rutabagas, turnips, and parsnips.  These are also great alternatives to regular potatoes and are found in many fall/winter recipes.

And there you have it! Great fruits and veggies for Fall!

What are some of your favorite healthy fall foods?
 (sorry doughnuts do not count!)

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  1. Hi there! I can hang with everything but the rutabagas and turnips and am a fellow coupon clippers so we are of a like mind and I hope that when you take a break that you will stop by my blog and follow me back?




    Have a great day!
    J. Claire

  2. i love butternut squash soup, I have a great recipe from a college cookbook we made in our nutrition class :) oh and LOVE anything pumpkin! pumpkin muffins, pumpkin ANYTHING :)

    have a great weekend!

  3. I love soups too and especially butternut squash soup!

    How do you make yours? I made it a couple times but it was lacking in something.

  4. Hi! I'm a new follower from the blog hop.
    big hugs
    Living Out Loud

  5. I don't think I can do the root veggies. Its a texture thing, I think! :)
    Thanks for linking up at Home Grown Families Friday Blog Hop! We're following you now!

  6. Wow...I did pretty good with this list. I love, love butternut squash and the ones coming out of the garden this year look great. We eat sweet potatoes 2-3 times a week. I'm microwaving them - how does that affect the nutritional content??

    Great site. Excited to follow you along your journey. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following.

  7. Hopping over from the blog hop! Happy Friendly Friday!

    Hope to see you hopping okay to my blog to say "Hi". I always return the love (follows/comments). See you soon!

    Twitter: @hgimomblog (I follow back)

  8. You found me through a weekend blog hop , so I came to see your blog! What a treasure it is - I love to tell my patients about healthy foods, so will be following your blog with great interest!

  9. I found out about your blog via the Saturday Blog Hop and I'm so glad I found you because I love dachshunds and I can't wait to see a picture of Ava and because I am in some serious need of a nutritionist because I am gluten intolerant and have been since December 2009. I cannot afford a nutritionist/dietician at the moment so I will go to your blog now for some advice!
    Luckily, I've been a healthy eater and never turned my nose from any of those the fruits and veggies you've mentioned here! I love squash for a fall evening side dish!
    I am your newest follower and you can follow me at

  10. Hi! Thanks for stopping by!! Thank you & I love your blog also. I am following you now, & I invite you to follow me. I have Greek heritage & Italian heritage. As far as foods go I wasn't exposed to Greek foods growing up. I didn't find out I had Greek heritage until later on in my life. I would love to try some though. Are you Greek?

  11. I hope you enjoy your Labor Day weekend as well!

  12. Are you sure that Krispy Kremes don't count? lol. I love grapes, pears, really any fruit :)

    Thank you for joining the first ever Fit Friends Friday Blog Hop! I'm now following your blog and am looking forward to getting to know you :)

    Hope you join in on the fun again next week!
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  13. No lol , I'm not from that area of the states. That is cool though that were were heading there.


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