September 10, 2010

Famous Dave's Self-Tanner Review

Famous Dave's sent me some of their high quality self tanner. As summer is ending, it is definitely time to break out the self tanner to take away some of my whiteness.  I get very nervous before trying self tanner because you never know if the tanner is going to make you turn orange, have splotches, or actually look good. 

Here is what the company has to say about their product:
It's FAST!...Famous Dave's Moisture Tan™ lotions and airbrush solutions dry to
   the touch almost immediately as it is can dress within 5 minutes!

It's Fragrance-Free...Added fragrance amplifies the odor of DHA. Being
   fragrance-free virtually eliminates the smell on your skin, clothes, and in your bed!

No Orange Color...Famous Dave's Self Tanner does not contain the frequently
   used ingredients that cause skin to turn orange in color.

Famous Dave's Tanner Bathes Your Skin...While developing into a natural
   bronze glow, Famous Dave's Tanner bathes your skin in the rich emollients of Aloe
   Vera, Sesame, and Jojoba, which soften and add healthy moisture.


My opinion: This self tanner is awesome! I had no streaks or orange blotches! It colored my skin evenly and gave me a light enough color that it still looked natural.  It looks like I have spent a couple days in the sun! This product does not contain the ingredients that give you the orange color that other brands do. 

Thanks Famous Dave's!

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  1. I agree with Amanda on what was mentioned above. I love it the best sunless tanner on the market and I am spreading the word. No orange no streaks and no smell. I a red head and this is the only sunless tanner that looks natural on me! I will be a customer for life!


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