October 16, 2010

Gobble Green Vegan Review

Gobble Green is a company that that delivers meals right to your door! They have vegetarian and vegan meals.  I have never tried delivered pre-made food like that before so I was excited to see what the food was like.  Last night, my husband and I made all of the food that I was sent and split it on two plates. 

Here is what we thought about each item:
 Black Bean Casserole: I liked this product.  It was similar to a meal that they made in my dorm cafeteria.  The beans maintained their firmness and the tomatoes tasted good.

Black pepper steak with potatoes and vegetables: the "steak" was actually my favorite product that I tried.  It was sweet and had an Asian flavor to it.  I like the texture too. 

Vegan Macaroni and Cheese: I have never tried vegan mac and cheese before and this one was impressive.  It tasted almost exactly like the real thing!

Other products that I tried: seitan fiesta, gluten free fudge brownie, and chickpea salad. These were all okay.  The other products that I talked about were my favorites. 

Pros to ordering Gobble Green products:
-You get quick and easy meals delivered to your door.
-If you on a vegan diet, you have lots of options of meals to choose from. 

Cons to Gobble Green products:
-Cost: the meals that I tried cost about $7-10.  I think that you could make this food yourself for that price easily and then some
-Texture- some of the texture of the foods were a little off probably due to freezing it and then microwaving it.  For example, the chickpeas were mushy. 

Overall, I did enjoy most of these products but at the same time, I feel like I could make them at home just as easily as microwaving them.

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  1. Thanks for following me! Those meals looks yummy, but I don't think we can spend $7-$10 every night like that. lol

  2. Homemade food would be much better, I agree. See you around at Meatless Mealf For Meat Eaters

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've subscribed to yours by email! Hope you have a great week!

    Aimee @ Justkiddingaroundatlanta

  4. Sorry, but I couldn't disagree more. I bought a week's worth of Gobble Green and it was virtually inedible. Such a bad experience.

  5. I have had a terrible experience with this company and do not recommend it at all. I did this on a Groupon and had to wait about 2 months for my turn to get my food delivered. This wasn't a big deal but when the food came, several items were thawed out. Two items were blown up like a balloon as if they had gone bad. I emailed the company 3 times to see what I should do and never got a response. As a last ditch, I called them. I have now called them 7 times and have had only 2 responses, both voice mails. When I returned the calls, I either didn't get a response at all or it took between 4 days and a week to hear back. In addition, they told me their email is broken and they didn't get my emails. This is terrible customer service in my opinion and I have actually never talked to them, leaving me with these meals I am afraid to eat.

    Of the ones I did eat, I found the food to be between mediocre and bad. Most is bordering on tasteless and I have had to add to it to make it palatable. If you decide to order, be sure that you like beans because most of the meals are just beans with a sauce. Personally, I will never order from them again.


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