October 12, 2010

Spruced up Tomato Soup

Saturday night, I had half a can of Campbell's tomato soup left over and didn't feel like plain soup.  Here is a way to spruce it up and load it with veggies!

-Half or one can of tomato soup
-A handful of raw green beans
-A handful of chopped raw broccoli
-Small cut up chunks of extra sharp cheddar cheese
-4 strips of bacon

1. Chop up green beans and broccoli into little pieces
2. Add to tomato soup and microwave for three minutes.
3. I used precooked bacon so I just heated it for a few seconds and crumbled that and the cheese on top of the soup.
4. Add some spices such as black pepper, hot pepper flakes, etc.
5. Enjoy!

It was so delicious that thinking about it at 9 AM makes me hungry for more!

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  1. Looks GREAT!! I can so do this one on my own, lol

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  2. I'm not a tomato soup person, but your tomato soup in the picture looks simply amazing xD


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