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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Musselman's Apple Butter and Cider Review

I am already a huge Musselman's fan as seen in my applesauce review done a couple months ago.  I had never tried their apple cider before or their apple butter so I was excited to do so. 

Here is a little bit of info on the apple butter: "It is the perfect ingredient to add fall flavor to your favorite recipe, in addition to just being a delicious-tasting – as well as healthy – spread. Apple butter is non-dairy, made with apples, sugar and spice. It has only 30 calories per tablespoon and is fat free and cholesterol free."

My Opinion: I really like the apple butter.  It is tasty yet not too sweet.  I grew up having apple butter because my Busia (Grandma in Polish) always had it at her house.  For 30 calories, this is better than most jams so it would be a great replacement for that.  Also, I would stir some into my oatmeal for a cinnamon apple flavor. 

I had never had unrefrigerated apple cider before so I was eager to see how this one compared to others.  I think that it tastes good but does not have that sourness that I love in other ciders.  My husband really liked it though! It is more comparable to apple juice than cider I think.  I made shredded pork loin in my crock pot yesterday and added some of this and it turned out great!

Thanks Musselman's for providing me with more of your fabulous products!

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