November 22, 2010


I have a family member whose recent lab values showed that she has very high triglyceride levels.  I know that I am a nutritionist and of course know some information about this but would love to learn more. 

Can you please give me any tips that you know of to lower triglyceride levels?


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  1. I believe cutting down on carbs and exercising will reduce the triglycerides levels.Taking good quality Omega Fish Oil also helps.

  2. A triglyceride is a type of fat. Our blood also has triglyceride that circulates in lipoproteins. The triglyceride is stored as fat in our body. As most of the fats in food are triglycerides, the food we eat affects blood level of triglycerides. When we eat fat, blood triglyceride increases 2-4 times and reaches to its maximum value in about 5 hours after the meal. Our liver also synthesizes triglyceride. The triglyceride concentrations in the blood vary considerably throughout the day, depending upon how much fat is eaten and how fast the body removes fat from the blood. Our bodies make triglycerides from excess carbohydrate in our diet.

    Cholesterol and triglycerides are necessary for our life. The triglycerides provide the fuel needed for body cells to function.

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  5. I had high triglycerides before and aside from taking meds given by the doctor, eating oatmeal helped lower it.

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  7. I can't help with your question, sorry. I hope you do find all the imformation you are looking for.

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  10. My hubby has borderline high triglycerides. Out doc told us to start using a margarine like Smart Balance, cut out as much fat as possible, eat more fish, eat lots of fruit and veggies, particularly those that are high in fiber. She basically wanted us to eat a high fiber, low fat, low carb diet. If we had to eat carbs, they should be in the form of whole grains, particularly when it came to pasta. we use Barilla Plus, which is a blend of whole grain and nut flours, and is high in fiber. It has really helped. I lost 15 pounds without exercise just by switching to this style of eating. Hubby has done so-so with it, he eats out for lunch most days, so I can't control much of that. Hope this helps!


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