December 14, 2010

FruitFast Tart Cherries Review

I love dried cherries and this is no exception when talking about the FruitFast brand.  I was sent some FruitFast bars, dried cherries, tart cherry juice, and cherry flex for review on my blog.

The fruit fast bars are AMAZING.  They are only around 100 calories and taste like real ground up tart dried cherries.  My favorite was the cherry flex one.  It tastes like homemade fruit rollups.

Also, the dried cherries are big and juicy. The juice concentrate is a best seller.  These products are amazing quality and I am really impressed with them. My absolute favorite part of this brand is that they are made with Michigan cherries! I am from Michigan so I love that this is a local product.

Thanks FruitFast for sharing your products with me!

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  1. I love dried cherries too....thanks for the review..this looks awesome:)

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  2. wow, these look awesome...dried cherries are SO good!!

  3. I was hoping that, as a Registered Dietician, you might comment on the quality of the product rather than the taste. How much should be consumed for the benefits touted?

    1. The quality of the product is good. Registered dietitian's like food that tastes good too- no one wants to eat a tasteless product. Having one of these products per day or once every other day would be beneficial for health.


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