January 28, 2011

Winter Diet vs. Summer Diet

A reader asked whether you should eat differently in the winter than the summer.  My answer for the most part is no, but here are some things that you may want to do differently this time of year.

Summer and Winter Fruits

In the summer, fresh fruits and vegetables in many varieties are available for a relatively good price.  In the winter, it is hard to find a huge variety (I know that I am sure getting sick of citrus and root vegetables!). 

Winter Diet

My suggestion is to make sure that you are still getting enough variety of fruits/veggies in the winter because different foods have different nutrients in them.  For example, tomatoes are high in lycopene, spinach has iron, and oranges have vitamin C.

Summer and Winter Vegetables  

Also, frozen vegetables and fruits are often cheaper and have about the same amount of nutrients in them as fresh.  These can be a great option when fresh produce is not available for a decent price. Just make sure you get the no added sugar fruit and vegetables without any pre-added sauces.

I would not recommend most canned fruits and vegetables because they are high in sodium and often do not taste as fresh.  One thing that I do like is no added salt corn though.

Vitamins to Take in the Winter

In the winter, I think that it is hard to always get enough of each and every vitamin and mineral that you need.  I recommend taking a multivitamin daily to help make sure that you are not depleted in any area.  I take Meijer brand vitamins right now or Walgreens brand.  Just read the label to make sure that it is full of essential nutrients.
During these cold months, it is easy to skip exercise.  Make sure that you are getting out there and moving.  A great way to do this is by shoveling snow, ice skating, going on a walk, or snowboarding.  Or if you live in an area without snow, continue your normal outdoor activities.  It does not matter what kind of exercise that you get, it just matters that you are getting some.

My favorite indoor exercises right now are sit ups, push ups, squats, lifting 5 pound hand weights, etc.  These burn calories and help me to gain muscle.  I can't wait till some of this snow melts so that  I can get back outside and go on some nice walks!

What do you do differently in the winter dealing with diet and exercise than in the warmer months?

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm following you now!
    I eat fire roasted tomatoes a lot in the winter - just throw a can into soups and such. I also freeze greens in the summer when they are plentiful and use them in the winter.

  2. I'm so glad you found me - for me to find you! This is all such important info!! And thanks on the frozen v fresh, just had a debate with my mother over that. I swear, I save a ton of money opting for frozen on the things that skyrocket in the produce dept. And yuck to canned.
    And that's what I do differently in the winter - more frozen veggies; don't usually do the fruits, tho, just stick to the basics you can get fresh. Looking forward to summer for that!
    Great to meet you ! :)

  3. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Yours is very interesting. Lots of great advice.
    I am following now.
    Hugs xx

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  5. Thanks for stopping at my blog!!! Love all your information! The pictures of the ice skating make me smile...LOVE to take my black lab out on the ice with me!!!

  6. In winter, we head north - which here downunder in Australia is the warmer region!! So winter and summer are not that different in terms of diet/exercise!! Spare a thought for me today sitting here in 40 degree heat - that's Centigrade! Equates to about 110-120 degrees F!!

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  7. I was just lying in bed reading about how to eat better how strange that insomnia would pull me out to read your blog. Guess the Lord is shouting in my ear huh? Thanks for the post! I cant wait to read more helpful hints. Good luck on your internship :D

    I am following you back from Fun Follow Friday. Have a blessed weekend and thank you so much for dropping by my blog.



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