January 27, 2011

Honeycat Cosmetics Review

Honeycat Cosmetics is one of the coolest bath and body products out there.  I was sent these different products to try for review and really got to see how nice they really are.  I was sent the Warm Milk Martini milk bath, Chocolate Bath Melt Treats, Brandy Peach Shower Gel, and the Chick of the Sea Bath Crystals.

These products all smell amazing; especially the peach brandy shower gel! It smells just like a fancy cocktail.  The shower gel made my skin soft and smell great.  The products are natural and not tested on animals. These Honeycat Cosmetics will provide many wonderful and relaxing baths and showers.

Here is some information about the company: "Honeycat products are created and developed by owner Theresa Spruill. A veritable feast for your skin that we know you're gonna love! Honeycat makes grooming time an event. Our products promise pleasure for your entire body. They are sexy, sensual, safe and chock full of what's-good-for-your-skin-stuff. Honeycat products are natural, and never tested on animals, especially sexy felines. Honeycat offers products ranging from emollient rich bath bombs, sassy lip balm, delicious edible body powder, body lotions, creams, bath salts, bubble bath, and milk bath"

Thanks Honeycat Cosmetics! Prrr...

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  9. You can become a fan of Honeycat Cosmetics on Facebook by going to http://www.facebook.com/honeycatcosmetics

  10. i just got the chocolate bath melt treats and OMG do they smell good! good enough to eat! i can't wait to actually try them out!


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