January 31, 2011

Pet Head Review

Do these bottles look strangely familiar? They do to me! They look just the lovely salon line of products Bed Head. These are high quality pet products called Pet Head.  I have seen them in pet shops and have wanted them for my pups for awhile now! Finally, I was sent some for review and got to try some of these great products.
I had to include this picture from the website because it was way too cute not to!

When I opened this package, my little guy Jaxen was so excited because he knew that it was for him.  He literally jumped into the shower with me so I decided to give him a bath with this Dirty Talk shampoo.  It smells great and deodorizes (thank god!).  Jaxen smelled amazing after and still does two days later.  I also got to review the Fears for Tears shampoo which also smells awesome.  Thanks for helping my stinky puppy get clean in a jiffy and smell so sweet.

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  1. This is great We have a dachshunds and a mini dachshunds and man the mini he stinks.. lol i hate giving him a bath although he likes them. just because of the wet dog smell. nothing works. so i will give this a try thank you for your input on this product. :) Rhonda


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