January 29, 2011

Playing Puppies

Sometimes, my dachshunds get a little crazy...it's too good not to get on film!

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  1. already a follower just hoppin' through via blog hop happy Saturday!

  2. Hi, thanks for the nice comment on my blog.
    I am following you now and would love you to follow back :)


  3. Following you back from The M-Files! Love you blog!

    Mrs. M

  4. They are so cute!!

    Thanks for stopping by... following you

  5. Thank you for the nice compliment about me resembling Tina Fey. That must have been a good day! Normally I think I look more like Tommie DePaulo's Helga minus the babushka. It's so cool that you went to Western Michigan. I was at CMU for several years and even visited your campus during a rival game that ended with riots in the streets and my missing roommate (she was found safe later). I love that through your blog you help keep readers knowledgeable about good things we can choose to put into our bodies. Sometimes I buy junk because I'm not even thinking about the good stuff to look for.


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