February 06, 2011

Jammies Jams Review

Jammies Jams is a company that makes organic jams, jellies, marmalades, preserves, and conserves.  When choosing which products to review, it took me 2 days to decide because there are so many amazing options.  I chose the Blackberry Pie, Grand Nectarine, and the Cherry Burlesque.  So far, I only tried one of these because I don't want them to go bad.  I tried the Blackberry Pie.  It is amazing and only has 8 calories per tablespoon!! It is full of blackberry seeds and tastes very fresh.  I cannot wait to try the other flavors too.

I was impressed at the unique jellies/jams that this company sells including bacon jam, pinot noir, and tea jam.  How neat! Many of the product range from $10-12 which may sound like a lot but I think as a treat, is well worth it. All of these products are must tries! Thanks Jammie Jams for sharing your delicious jams with me.

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  1. Hi Amanda, thanks for the visit at my site (www.atmytabletop.com). Looks like you have a very good stuff here and your giveaways are so inviting. Thanks for dropping by again and stay warm.


  2. Those look yummy!

    I found you through the blog hop.

    I'm following. ;)


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  4. Yummy!! :)

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  5. blackberry pie sounds amazing :) YUM!!!

  6. Those flavors look and sound delish!

  7. Amanda..thank you for your great review of our products. Jammies and MacJammies uses only the freshest organic fruit which is usually processed the same day it arrives at the Farmers market. We also feature whiskey marmalades and ale mustards along with our signature Tea Jellies made with Mariage Freres wonderful teas. Our jams contain almost 3/4 pound of fruit in every jar and very low sugar so you taste more fruit and less sugar. We're glad you enjoyed our organic jams.

  8. Oh man, that sounds so delicious!
    I've actually been craving some jam the past few days-I think it's meant to be don't you!? Lol


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