March 18, 2011

Hotel Chocolat Review

Have you ever heard of Cocoa Nibs Balsamic Vinegar? I have not so when I got the opportunity to review a product from Hotel Chocolat, this is what I chose. There are literally little tiny cocoa nibs in the vinegar!

What did I think of it? I loved it! It is literally the taste of chocolate and balsamic vinegar, but without the sweetness. I think that this would be awesome on top of a salad with spinach, roasted nuts, and diced fruit.  Of course most of the products that this company sells is actual chocolate but I wanted to try something completely unique.  I have always been a HUGE balsamic vinegar fan and this takes the cake! If you are someone that loves chocolate, you can get your chocolate fix while being healthy.

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  1. Hey there I am your newest follower from Thursday blog hop! :) That balsamic vinegar looks interesting! I but my hubby would love it! Hope to see you hope back to mine:

  2. Following from the hop! Hope you will stop by ThreeBoys and follow along as well!

  3. Not a fan of vinegar--but do love chocolate!! I'm following you back from the hop!!

    Michele aka MikiHope

  4. Hey there! I am happy to be following. I am follower #1602. I love your site! What a great concept.

    Balsamic Vinegar and chocolate what a great concept! Seriously, I will be back. lovin' the site!

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    I posted my hubby's first youtube Exercise video. Kind of nervous for him. haha. We aren't that old, I promise! But youtube is just a foreign domain.

    Happy Friday!!

    ~ Francine


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