March 15, 2011

Supreme Protein Review

My husband and I are a huge fan of Supreme Protein bars.  We first tried these bars last year when I was sent FIFTEEN (yes, fifteen) boxes of these bars for review. Well, the company came out with a new kind called peanut butter and jelly and I got to review them. 

When I first got the box, I saw that the bars have over 400 calories which for my husband is a good thing (he is trying to gain weight) and for me, too many calories for one bar.  When I opened the box, I realized that the bars are really double the size of any usual bar.  Therefore, I just cut one in half and went to town on it.  My husband and I both love these PB & J bars.  They are our favorite variety of this brand.  They taste like a candy bar and have 30 grams of protein (15 grams for 1/2 a bar).  There is actually a layer of gooey jelly which is awesome.  This bar is salty and sweet. I can almost guarantee that this box will be gone within two weeks.  Thanks Supreme Protein for sharing your new flavor with me!

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  1. Thanks for a great review. I like these bars, too. I'm trying to keep a lid on carbs for weight management. The Supreme Protein Carb Conscious bars I like have 36g of carbs. 27g are sugar alcohols. Are they truly metabolized differently from other carbs, so that you really can subtract them from the total carb count? Thanks!


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