April 20, 2011

Crunchmaster Cracker Review

Crunchmaster crackers became my favorite kind of cracker last year when I was sent some for review.  I have not seen them in the grocery store so I asked the company if they could send me some more of their crackers and they did! The reason that I love these so much is that they are super crunchy.  They are not flaky like some crackers. They are salty (but actually are low in sodium!), tasty, and go well with any snack.

My favorite flavors are the garlic and onion crackers.  These are gluten free which is wonderful for people who can't have gluten.  Every kind of these crackers that I have tried, I have loved. I highly recommend these and will be buying more of them as soon as I find them in my grocery store.

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  1. i first had these at costco, one of the samples they were doing for a dip. My husband and I couldnt have cared less about the dip but we were like what are these crackers! Then we now are able to find them in our normal stores as well. We love them!


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