April 18, 2011

FlipFlop Wine Review

Wine is one of my main to go alcoholic beverages and I love to try new kinds. I was sent these two bottles of wine from FlipFlop wines.  I was send the pinot grigio and the riesling. This company is very generous also.  For every bottle of wine that is purchased, they will donate a pair of shoes to someone in need to the Soles4Souls program! Something that I really like about this wine is that it is very affordable. Each bottle only costs $7 and it tastes great too!

Yesterday, my husband and I both had the day off work (yay!) so we opening up the riesling for a happy hour treat.  We both absolutely loved it! I actually have not had this kind of wine before and liked that it was sweet but not too sweet. We drank it on the porch which we got to sit out on for the first time this year! I have not tried the pinot grigio before but I'm sure that we will love it! I will definitely be drinking these wines again in the future. Thanks FlipFlop wine!

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  1. Love them!!! So glad they have a Facebook page now so I can share the link with everyone! Great review!

  2. Thanks for linking up to Smile With Me Saturday!



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