April 14, 2011

Grandpa Pete's Review

Grandpa Pete's is a company that makes pasta and pasta sauces.  I love a good pasta sauce so I was excited to try these.  They make vodka sauce, marinara sauce, and garlic sauce.  You can buy a 2 pack of any of the sauces on the site for $17.95.  This is more than I normally would spend on sauce but for a treat, it is okay.

Here is some history about the company: "Grandpa Pete learned from his mother and grandmother. The Sicilian Italian traditions were passed down from Italy and were brought to America when the Serros arrived. We learned those family secrets and have brought them to you in this complete dinner package. We are sharing our heritage with you. The convenience of having all of the courses ready for you to present to your family or guests makes entertaining easy as boiling a pound of spaghetti in less than ten minutes."

On Tuesday night, my husband and I made the pasta that I was sent along with the vodka sauce.  It was AMAZING!! It is rich and tasty.  It is also creamy and garlicky.  We had about one serving of leftovers and were even fighting over who would get it (I won!).  It was even great the next day reheated for lunch. I would highly recommend this sauce and will be buying it again in the future.

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