April 06, 2011

Hydros Bottle Review

Want filtered water one the go? Hydros is a company that makes a water bottle that has a built in filter in it.  It can filter kitchen, bathroom, or drinking fountain water.  I am a huge fan of reusable water bottles and that is all I use.  In fact, I drink at least 12-20 cups of water per day (I'm not kidding!) so a reusable water bottle definitely helps me.

This bottle comes in 5 different fun colors that are perfect to take anywhere.  I got the blue one and love it.  The bottle is BPA free which is great. You just pour the water through the top and let it filter.  It is quick and easy to use.  It is also American made and dishwasher safe.  I will get a ton of use out of this bottle!

***You can purchase one of these bottles for $29.99 on the company's website HERE.

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  1. hi Amanda! I really like these new filtered bottles. I just found these as well and they are from all recycled products:
    Thanks so much for stopping by my page today. I'm following now! -diane

  2. hi amanda! thank you so much for checking out my blog! i really love your blog...i have such an appreciation for anyone devoted to nutrition! i don't know why, but i am often overwhelmed and intimidated by nutrition sites....glad i found yours to consult from now on!! thanks again!


  3. nice bottles!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
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  4. Hey Amanda! Thanks for checking out my blog!

    Kudos for you and your nutritional blog!!

    Have a wonderful day!!



  5. That's so cool that it filters the water right there in the bottle! Thanks for following me from the Thursday Hop. I'm following you back!

  6. thanks for the great review! :)

    I definitely want to get one so I can filter water on the go!
    if you like PB and Co nut butters stop by my site to register for a 3 jar giveaway! :)

  7. This is great. We use reusable bottles all of the time. I can't believe you drink so much water. I try to drink more but not quite that much.


  8. I really need to drink some more water!
    Thanks for the follow, following you back.


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