April 11, 2011

Love Grown Foods Review

Love Grown Foods is a company that makes different kinds of granola.  I used to be a big granola fan as a kid but lately, haven't found any brands that I really enjoy. This brand changed it all for me.  They make 5 different kinds of granola including sweet cranberry pecan, cocoa goodness, and raisin almond crunch.

The raisin almond crunch is hands down the best granola that I have ever had.  It has whole almonds in it that taste just like the sweet almonds that you can buy at the mall.  It tastes amazing and has 130 calories per 1/4 cup serving.  I like it on yogurt, with milk, or plain. The granola is affordable and actually good for you.  It is free from refined sugars, gluten, hydrogenated oils, etc.  I am so excited to have been introduced to this brand and will be buying it in the very near future.

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