April 02, 2011

Sam Mills Pasta Review

Sam Mills is a brand of gluten free corn pasta.  I had never heard of corn pasta before and was interested to see what it was like.  The other night, I made pasta salad with this pasta, caesar dressing, and a bunch of fresh chopped vegetables.

The pasta cooked in about the same amount of time as normal wheat pasta.  I tried a couple of noodles when it was hot and it tasted the same as normal pasta (a huge plus for those that need to eat gluten free).  Once cooled though, I was not impressed with the texture of the noodles.  They were too chewy cold.  Since I did enjoy the noodles hot, I will make them this way with tomato sauce or healthy alfredo sauce.  Also, the nutritional information is about the same as white pasta .  I do think that this is a good option for people who eat gluten free! Thanks Sam Mills!

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  3. Very interesting! My whole family is gluten/wheat free, so we're always on the lookout for new options :)

    Thanks for the review!


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