May 02, 2011

Build A Sign Review

Build A Sign is a company that makes custom signs for different uses such as yard signs, magnets, bumper stickers, license plates, etc.  They are affordable and good quality.  The signs can be created using all different colors and sizes to fit your interests and needs.

For my review, I decided to create a huge magnet for my blog. I put my blog title, what it is about, the URL, and my email address to get in contact with me. I love it! The colors turned out perfect and the magnet seems to be very good quality.  Right now, I just have the magnet on my fridge but I may put it on my car or something in the future.  Thanks Build A Sign!

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  1. I like your sign and surely you will get a lot of visits from it.

  2. That is a kick butt sign! I can totally see you getting more followers from it because it's definitely attention-grabbing :)

  3. I love build a sign!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog and following for the hop. Following back.


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