May 25, 2011

Jennifer Ouellette Review

Jennifer Ouellette is a company that sells men's and women's head and hair accessories.  They sell tons of headbands and hats. Lately, I have been a huge headband fan.  This hot weather makes putting a headband on to hold back my hair easy and optimal.

Here is some information about the company: Jennifer Ouellette, Inc. delivers millinery and accessories to women who demand more than shallow trends and throw away styles. Interpreted for the urban woman of today, she presents designs of traditional quality with a singular attention to detail. Always fashionable, drawn from science and nature, timely and timeless, superior designs from Jennifer Ouellette.

I was sent these headbands:
1. FTSK4- feather pad and satin knot
2. STRF- skinny ruffed satin headband in brown
3. N3VV- 2 velvet bands

I love these! My favorite is the feather one.  It is comfortable and fashionable. The three band headband is made of velvet and will be great for chillier weather. Celebrities including Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, Katie Perry, and Jessica Simpson have been spotted wearing these headbands and hats. Thanks for the cute headbands!

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  1. Since I have somewhat short hair, hair and headbands are a must! Especially when I'm too sick to shower a lot >.<

    They're a lifesaver!

  2. Very cool headbands!!! :-)


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