May 07, 2011

Sans Soda Review

"New Perfection Beverage Company in Austin has produced a delicious natural diet soda that’s totally free of artificial sweeteners, dyes, and other harmful ingredients.  We’ve partnered with Truvia to create a sweet but light flavor profile without that weird bitter aftertaste a lot of other stevia-based drinks have.  With five flavors to choose from (Orange, Lemon Lime, Cola, Black Cherry, and Root Beer), there’s one to meet just about every soda preference."

I am not a huge pop drinker but every so often, I will drink one. One of the reasons that I do not drink pop much is because of all the junky ingredients that many of them contain.  Sans natural diet soda is different. It is all natural and does not have the yucky ingredients that most pops have.

I was excited to try the root beer because I have been wanting one for awhile.  It was very good! Better than most other brands. Not too sweet but very flavorful. I like that it is diet too so that I am not drinking my calories (one of my main diet tips to people). It is sweetened with stevia which I believe is better for you than other sweeteners. Also, as for the other flavors, I will be sharing those with my family this weekend. Thanks Sans Soda for sending me your drinks!

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