May 21, 2011

Tiddle E. Winks Review

Tiddle E. Winks is a company based in Sonoma, California that sells vintage candy and accessories.  They carry old fashioned lunch boxes, collectibles, and house and home items. The items are for sale in store and online.

I was sent this awesome Michigan glass and striped green bowl.  Both are adorable! The Michigan glass has a bunch of Michigan cities on it and different pictures from MI.  When I first opened this package, my husband was amazed at the glass at thought it was so cool.  Also, it retails for only $12 and there is one for each state. The striped bowl is cute and petite.  It is perfect for ice cream, frozen grapes, pretzels, etc.  The green color is fun for summer. They retail for $8 each.  I think this company sells very neat and original type items. Check them out!

***Also, through the end of June, the company is offering 10% off your purchase when you use the code: TENPERCENT!

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  1. love the state glass!!! great idea - might look into this for my children... do you think the glass will stand up to 3,5, and 7 year olds????

  2. thanks for joining my blog hop, I really like the bowl so cute & your dogs are adorable, I look forward to reading more

  3. Following you back from hop. Thanks for the follow!

  4. Great blog! Following you from the hop! Would love a follow back!


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