June 05, 2011

Cape Cod Kettle Chips Review

Cape Cod Kettle Chips
 Chips are a staple in my household. I recently wrote a post on how even though I am a registered dietitian, I still am a real person and like to indulge in some tasty treats.  I love all kinds of chips, especially kettle chips!

Cape Cod Kettle Chips Review

I was sent 12 (yes 12!) full size bags of Cape Cod chips to review on my blog.  I was sent the salt and vinegar, sweet mesquite BBQ, original, reduced fat BBQ, and reduced fat salt and vinegar. I have had the jalapeno ones of this brand before and loved them so I knew that I would like these. My review is that I absolutely LOVE Cape Cod chips. They are crispy, salty and delicious. My favorite flavor is definitely the sea salt and vinegar.

Cape Cod Sea Salt and Vinegar Chips

Cape Cod Kettle Chips Nutrition

Salt and vinegar chips have always been a top favorite of mine so I decided to open a bag of the reduced fat ones.  They are very tasty and you cannot even tell that they are 40% reduced fat. A one ounce serving has 130 calories, 6 grams of fat, 220 mg of sodium (higher than in many other chips), 2 grams of fiber, and 2 grams of protein.  

Are Cape Cod chips healthy?

Chips are not considered "healthy" but they are a treat and can fit into your diet along with other healthy foods. Eat a balanced diet of lots of produce, lean protein, dairy and whole-grains and a serving of chips here and there should be able to fit into your diet just fine.

Cape Cod Kettle Chips Ingredients

Here are the ingredients: Potatoes, Canola Oil, Maltodextrin, Vinegar Solids, Sodium Diacetate, Salt and Sea Salt. Compared to other chips, these nutritional stats and ingredients are quite good.  I would definitely buy these delicious chips again!

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  1. I I looove those chips! And I'm not a chips person.

  2. They sound yummy ... I'll have to give them a try.
    I especially like the New England packaging style!

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  4. We're definitely a HUGE chip family as well, and we love the New England chips :)

    I'm a big kettle lover, so it's definitely a treat for me!!

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  7. it is now late December... i am told that cape cod is under water ... and that no more chips will be made there.... is this true?


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