Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dad's Homegrown Produce

I took some pictures of my Dad's homegrown organic sour cherries, basil, green cherry tomatoes, and summer squash. Enjoy!


Summer squash

What's growing in your garden this summer?


  1. How prolific! And beautiful. I only grow tomatoes right now...but they are very good. Maybe more stuff later on. Here is a squash recipe from my blog you may enjoy.

  2. wow i want to taste it lol :D
    we have a mango tree and the mangoes taste better than the grocery mangoes ^^
    My Blog:

  3. That's one HECK of a garden!!

    We don't have a garden, but we hope to start planing things in planters soon :)

  4. I am so jealous ! He is great ! What gorgeous pictures ! Mine is growing so slow this year, I am in a sour mood

    Lovin It !

  5. Great pics!

    I am a new follower and I would love if you came and followed me back at A Sew Chic Boutique!


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