June 21, 2011

FlipFlop Wine Review

Back in April, I did my first FlipFlop wine review and loved them.  This time, I was sent the chardonnay and the cabernet sauvignon from FlipFlop wines. My family came to visit us this past weekend and it was the perfect opportunity to try these wines.  We opened up both bottles and got to tasting.

Enjoying our Saturday night with some wine!

My dad really liked the cabernet sauvignon which is one of his favorite kinds of wine. It was a dry and fruity. I liked the chardonnay and so did my sister. It was flavorful but not very sweet.  I think that my husband and mom liked both of them.  Also, for every bottle of wine that is purchased, they will donate a pair of shoes to someone in need to the Soles4Souls program! Something that I really like about this wine is that it is very affordable. Each bottle only costs $7 and it tastes great too! Out of the 4 FlipFlop wines that I have tried so far, my favorite is still the riesling which was delicious.  If you have not tried these wines yet, you must!

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  1. Nice review. Can't see in UK. Thanks Nina

  2. I've seen quite a few reviews for this company going around the sphere lately and all of them say the same thing: That this is some GREAT tastin' wine xD


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