July 06, 2011

Cosmetique Review

"Cosmetique, Your Beauty Boutique, has all of your beauty needs covered! With many exciting beauty brands for you to discover, you'll love the fun of experimenting with the latest beauty trends. The skin care from Cosmetique will have your skin postively glowing; and, we've got the classic makeup staples covered – with dependable favorites from eyeliners, to eyeshadows, to mascara; to flawless foundations, to lipsticks, to lip glosses. Who doesn’t love a good lip gloss? Or a great new fragrance or body lotion, which you’ll also find at Cosmetique."

Cosmetique is a company that sells all kinds of beauty products including skin care, nail care, sunglasses, makeup, accessories, etc.  The company sells all different brands of makeup at a discounted price off of the original price.  One of the best deals that I found on the site is discounted brand name fragrances. For example, they have Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy perfume for $48.75 instead of $65 which is my favorite perfume right now! I may have to get this deal soon to stock up!
I was sent some of their eyeshadows, blush, and lipgloss for review on my blog. The Madeleine Mono duo colored bronzer comes in two different side by side colors which looks very nice on. I like the double take lipshine because it is not too sticky and gives you a nice color.  My favorite product that I was sent would have to be the Viva Diva eyeshadows because they have some nice shades of browns and purples which are the colors that I usually wear. The makeup seems to be good quality and is affordable too! Thanks Cosmetique.

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