July 26, 2011

Go Jane Review

For years I have been seeing Go Jane products in different magazines and always wanted to check them out. I finally did a couple of weeks ago and really liked what I found.  They sell juniors clothing including swimwear and shoes.  I love almost everything they sell and had a very hard time choosing just one thing to review.

Since I've struggled to find a cute suit that fits all season, I decided to check out the Go Jane swimwear.  I found the leopard swimsuit pictured above and loved it.  The bathing suit fits me perfect and I love the little pink accent bows.  The best thing about the suit? It retails for only $29.80 for top and bottom! Also, another thing to note is that the suit shipped really fast so I was able to wear it on a fun boat outing! What a great deal. I was very impressed with how many cute and inexpensive items that this company sells.

Here are a few of the other items that I loved:

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  1. Super cute stuff! Liked it all! Thanks for the tip!
    amyanddusty at yahoo dot com


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